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Our Programs

At LivLean we have 2 types of weight loss programs that will have you on the road to a healthier longterm lifestyle: LivLean Ketogenic Program & LivLean Weight Loss Injection program

Our Program Includes:

Our LivLean Ketogenic diet is a natural alternative to targeting unhealthy fat reserves for your weight loss goals. Using natural whole foods & a low calorie and carb diet this program is designed to increase energy levels for a healthy long term lifestyle.

Our highly successful LivLean Weight Loss Injection Program has 4 phases. It is best known to work on targeting abnormal fat cells causing weight loss while protecting muscle. We customize your caloric intake to your bodies own unique requirements, therefore you will have more satiety from beginning to end! Once the desired weight is attained, it is typical for our clients to maintain their weight, enjoy a stronger metabolism and continued momentum onward to a healthier lifestyle!

With our coaching and your perseverance you will shed your excess weight, reduce food cravings, increase your energy levels and carry yourself onward to a healthier LEAN Life!

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