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Diet Testimonials

At LivLean we have many satisfied weight loss clients. As we deliver an individualized program, results may vary from person to person. No guarantee is provided or implied. Here are a few testimonials that have been shared with us.

After considering many possible scenarios; my wife was shrinking my clothes, manufacturers were making clothes smaller, gravity was changing as a result of human pollution, etc, etc, (believe me - I thought of them all) I finally woke up to a sobering realization - I WAS FAT! Not just a bit either - but knocking at 300lbs FAT! My blood pressure was high, I developed plantar fasciitis, I woke up sore every day, everything was tiring, I had to carry a sweat wrap everywhere I went, I was getting less and less interested in being active and I literally out grew all my favourite stores - in short and to be completely blunt - I was dying - I every sense of the word!! I'm 49. In my younger years a quick tweet would snap off 10 lbs and life went on. Not now. I would drop a bit and then put just a bit more on a week later. In a change room I became very short of breath trying, unsuccessfully, to do the button up on a pair size 42 pants, through my shamed tears I knew it was time for me to get serious! I had explored medically supervised weight loss in the past but found the programs I looked into had a few quirky "rules" that made me feel they weren't a good for me and they required many in-clinic visits which was not possible because I live 3 hours from the closest clinic. Driving down the highway one day - donut in hand - I saw a billboard for Liv Lean. So I thought I'd give them a call. Katlyn was super helpful!! I asked a lot of questions about physical visits and a few other things I had learned from the other clinics and I got a great vibe about their program - so I dove in! I was nervous about sticking within the parameters of the diet and thought that my ridiculously low self-control wouldn't allow me to succeed. Not so! Now after 30 days of a 41 day program I'm feeling great! I'm down about 25 lbs - most of it was the nasty fat which prevented buttons on my shirts and pants from coming together (not the aforementioned laundry shrinkage). My blood pressure has dropped dramatically! I'm far more active again! I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in years! I don't have to go to the very end of the clothes rack to find the one shirt in the store that fits me anymore and I'm feeling amazing! I wake up happy. I walk without pain, I'm back at the gym, back to being active and social again and I feel the old me clawing back out from underneath that person I wasn't liking too much in the photos from the last year! If you've had "that moment" when it's time to make the change or start planning your funeral - be brutally honest with yourself! Look around at your loved ones and think really seriously about how nasty it would be for you to make them watch you die! If you can do it on your own - do it! If you can't (like me) call Liv Lean! I seriously owe them my life!
~Dave from Invermere *

Ate well, Never felt hungry, lost 35 lbs in 40 days. 3 months later I've not only kept it off I've lost a couple more pounds!
~T.A. from Calgary *

On the LivLean Weight Loss program I am down 22.5 lbs. Not only have I lost weight but I've increased my muscle mass.
~Terrance from Calgary *

I started at 199 lbs and lost 14 lbs and a significant amount of inches, especially around my waist in only 23 days! It was very easy to follow and my wellness coach, Katlyn, was amazing.
~Laura from Calgary *

The Livlean diet has been a good choice for us, my husband and me did the program together, at the beginning was hard, especially the first week, we feel hungry but was easy get use to do it, the key to have a good results was to be positive, persistent, have your mind set and plan ahead the meals and stick to that, we were planning 1 or 2 days ahead, so you are prepare and don't have the chance to eat something out of the diet. Definitively you change your habits, as now my body craves for veggies and fruit; and because you eat more natural and non-processed food you have to cook more but is worth it. I have lost 38 pounds = 17kg in the program, I start feeling the change after the first week, and because I didn't have any sugar or carbs my energy level was high; my husband has lost 44 pounds = 20kg. I have to say thank you to the Dr. and Katlyn, as she always was available to help us and guide us during the process. We are very happy with the results; we are looking and feeling great!
~Eugenia from Calgary *

As the winner of a free session at LivLean I would like to thank this company for the chance to lose the weight I needed to and I am so pleased with my success. The program seems strict but You Can Do It! I did. The weekly visits offer encouragement from the great staff, and the program itself allows you to pursue the diet without cravings or feelings of being denied. It may seem impossible before you start, but you will find that you slip into the program without feelings of self-deprivation and denial. Now that I have reached my goal I have a different attitude towards the foods I eat and I have an awareness that is keeping my maintenance in check. The results are fantastic. I am now at the weight I was 20 years ago. Thanks again LivLean!
~Sharon from Calgary *