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About Us

At LivLean we strive for the long-term happiness and success of our clients.

With over 5 years experience working in weight-loss and wellness our knowledgeable and friendly medical staff are with you to provide everything you need.

We offer a customized weight loss plan that is geared to meet any lifestyle for both men and women.

We don’t decide how much weight you have to lose, you get to decide how much weight you want to lose. Whatever your choice we will help you get there!

Appointments at our clinic are fast, flexible and designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Email support is available during business hours and most evenings and weekends for any questions or concerns that may arise while you’re on the go.

We support your long-term weight loss success by targeting only abnormal fat loss while maintaining your muscle mass. Which means once you've achieved your weight-loss goals you won’t gain it back easily.

Whether or not you’ve dieted before we provide a framework for a whole new lifestyle that you can adapt into your everyday life.

Eat Clean, LivLean!

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