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At LivLean Calgary we welcome you to begin a lifestyle change for yourself today!
Have you struggled with obesity, slow metabolism, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea or any other disorders as a result of being overweight? If you have tried every popular weight loss program with little success or you have you been exercising diligently and just simply plateaued.

LivLean has an individualized program for you!
We will give you the knowledge and the guidance you seek to lose those extra "pounds and inches." Our Personal Wellness coaches will also supply you with a variety of supportive materials to assist you in making proper food choices for healthy long-term wellness!

Let's get you started today!!

Ate well, Never felt hungry, lost 35 lbs in 40 days. 3 months later I've not only kept it off I've lost a couple more pounds!
~T.A. from Calgary *
On the LivLean Weight Loss program I am down 22.5 lbs. Not only have I lost weight but I've increased my muscle mass.
~Terrance from Calgary *
I started at 199 lbs and lost 14 lbs and a significant amount of inches, especially around my waist in only 23 days! It was very easy to follow and my wellness coach, Katlyn, was amazing.
~Laura from Calgary *
I thought that my ridiculously low self-control wouldn't allow me to succeed. Not so! Now after 30 days of a 41 day program I'm feeling great! I'm down about 25 lbs ...
~Dave from Invermere *
My husband and I have to say thank you to the Dr. and Katlyn, as she always was available to help us and guide us during the process. .. We are looking and feeling great!
~Eugenia from Calgary *
The weekly visits offer encouragement from the great staff, and the program itself allows you to pursue the diet without cravings. I am now at the weight I was 20 years ago.
~Sharon from Calgary *

Flexible Hours

Our hours are flexible so you don't have to be.


Email support available during days and most evenings & weekends


LivLean coaches have a phone line so you can get the support you need, when you need it.